Get well soon!

 When you know the truth but fabricate lies. When you know it hurts but you say it nice. When you overlook the facts and promote myth, and you say it loudly for your own niche. When you see someone lying in pool of blood but you find it an opportunity to shoot and let it flood. When she seems nothing to you beyond sum of her body parts When you pretend close to God but Ill treat his creations. when you meet someone out of work and forget for ever When someone needs your help and you say 'never'. Whenen you proudly boast of growth and progress Without realizing who paid and what it cost Then I must say you need to see someone who can heal you thee. @saba rizvi.

Mothers day!!!

Let your mother be a human and not a God
This sanctification kills her ,destroy her individuality. 
She is portrayed as someone who can't err, someone who can't be wrong, someone who has to be an ideal
She should be morally high, intellectually fit and physically active, socially acceptable and religiously pure. 
She should love, respect and care for every one.. She has to as that is what will be followed by her children. 
She has to smile even if she is hurt deep inside
She has to be soft and polite, well mannered, Sophisticated and what not.. But she can't be what she wants be
Plz let her be herself and let her make mistakes and  be imperfect as thats the beauty of a person and trust me... She will be your mom anyway..


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