Get well soon!

 When you know the truth but fabricate lies. When you know it hurts but you say it nice. When you overlook the facts and promote myth, and you say it loudly for your own niche. When you see someone lying in pool of blood but you find it an opportunity to shoot and let it flood. When she seems nothing to you beyond sum of her body parts When you pretend close to God but Ill treat his creations. when you meet someone out of work and forget for ever When someone needs your help and you say 'never'. Whenen you proudly boast of growth and progress Without realizing who paid and what it cost Then I must say you need to see someone who can heal you thee. @saba rizvi.

Age is the state of mind

 I always believed that the moment you start having senior moments in your life you should act your age. I gracefully accept my age and feel proud but then this was all changed in a moment when I had a guest of around 53 years ( with due respect to her age and sprit). 
She was heavy on her skin, tangentially cropped hair, wearing deep red lipsticks that matched her saree.Her saree was draped in a way that could defy her age in every sense.The battery of her tapping heels of 2 inches woke me up. she had already decided that she will not allow anyone to speak. Her red lipsticks began to bleed into the lines around her mouth as she was continuously talking and didn't even allow us to demonstrate our suitable awe required for anything and moreover some one like me who was in rumpled suit, ruffled hair and puffy eyes didn't have courage to intervene. Then she suddenly ask "do you play badminton? ".chronically deprived of words at that moment was about to say something that she announced her verdict" Tum to inse bhi gae guzre ho yeh to abhi tak khelte haina! "

  • Huh what a comparison! But then mu thumbs up for you lady. No doubt age is the state of mind. 


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